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Photo Taken by Paige Green

Hi! We are your farmers, Patrick and Bree.


Suncatcher Farm is a diverse vegetable farm located outside of Petaluma in beautiful Sonoma County, California. We are passionate about growing nourishing, specialty produce to inspire chefs and individuals alike. Our 10 acres of land is Certified Organic By CCOF. We are working towards creating a farming system that allows us to feed our community and the soil. Coupling knowledge of soil biology and cultivation, we strive to strike a balance in our farming practices as we continue to learn and evolve.


We enjoy implementing the use of pollinator hedgerows, companion planting, and medicinal herbs throughout our farm. Creating biodiversity with the plants as well as the animals is an important part of developing a healthy farm ecosystem. Constant observation and awareness of the flora and fauna allows us to make the necessary changes to better our farm.

As young farmers we are constantly learning and taking each day as it comes. Humbled by the forces of nature, we respect the practice of co-creating with our environment.

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